Counselling for individuals

Counselling is a chance to talk through your feelings, thoughts and behaviour. It is an opportunity to make sense of things that are going on in your life that seem inexplicable or out of control. There are many therapists to choose from and this may feel daunting. You are very welcome to call me or email me and I will usually respond within 24 hours to talk further about what you are looking for.

If you have decided to meet me, the chance to talk in a confidential space without feeling judged is something many who come to counselling really value. I aim to offer emotional safety in what you are going through and provide a base to explore new and difficult emotions.

In general we will focus on what is happening now, internally and externally, and the relationship between us. This may mean that your past will come up, and we will talk about how this affects you today. Consequently, you may make changes to what you say to yourself and how you view others. It is possible to change the internal chatter that can dominate our thoughts. The more you know yourself the more you can challenge and choose the direction you want your thoughts and life to take.

Sessions are of 50 minutes duration. I recommend after an initial introduction that we work in blocks of six to evaluate and maintain regular progress.